The attorneys and paralegals in the Faculty, Students, and Staff practice area provide support in a variety of legal practice areas, including employment and labor law, governance issues, higher education law, election law, civil rights, and affirmative action. In addition, OGC staff in this area assist with policy development and review, legal compliance, and crisis management in areas that affect faculty, staff, and students.

Student Concerns

OGC staff provide assistance on a wide variety of student-related issues, including: admissions; financial aid; affirmative action/diversity initiatives; domestic and international academic affiliation and exchange agreements; study abroad programs; distance education; student records and privacy; disabilities and accommodations; discrimination and harassment; student discipline; student complaint procedures; student health, safety and wellness; community safety and crime reporting; summer camps and programs involving minors; and related issues.

Faculty and Staff Concerns

OGC staff also handle a broad range of legal issues affecting U-M faculty and staff, including employment, labor negotiations and agreements, grievances and arbitrations, faculty appointments, staffing and personnel issues, immigration, compliance with federal and state employment laws, employee benefits, complaints of discrimination and harassment, accommodations for disabilities, and workplace safety.

Academic Affairs: Christine Gerdes
Jack Bernard
Academic Affiliation & Exchange Agreements: Stephanie Schmitzer
Maya Kobersy
Jack Bernard
Affirmative Action/Diversity Initiatives: Maya Kobersy
Donna Snyder
Athletics: Debra Kowich
Agency Civil Rights, Discrimination Complaints:
(including disability and sexual harassment)
Tera Jastrzembowski
David Masson
Christine Gerdes
Benefits, Employee: David Masson
Colleen McClorey
Discrimination, Harassment:
(including sexual harassment)
David Masson
Christine Gerdes
Patricia Petrowski
Election Law: Maya Kobersy
Employment, Faculty: Christine Gerdes
David Masson
Employment Law: David Masson
Christine Gerdes
Faculty Issues: Christine Gerdes
David Masson
House Officers: Christine Gerdes
Laura Napiewocki
Immigration: David Grimm
Patricia Petrowski

Catherine Pinkerton
International Engagement: C. Ndu Ozor
Labor Unions: David Masson
Christine Gerdes
Medical Staff: Laura Napiewocki
Kara Morgenstern
Public Safety: David Masson
In-State Tuition Guidelines for Students: Maya Kobersy
Student Life: Catherine Pinkerton
C. Ndu Ozor
Student Loan Administrations & Collections: C. Ndu Ozor
Debra Kowich
Student Records/FERPA: Catherine Pinkerton
Maya Kobersy
Study Abroad/Off-Campus: Stephanie Schmitzer
David Grimm
Subpoenas: Patricia Petrowski
Kris Snook
Lisa Richardson
Denise Winiarski
Tenure: Christine Gerdes