FAQ: Lawsuits, Litigation Hold Notices, Subpoenas, Search Warrants, Background Investigations; Lawsuits


Q: Help! A new lawsuit was delivered to my Department. What should I do?

A: Contact the Office of the Vice President and General Counsel (OGC) immediately and follow its direction. After a lawsuit is filed the person suing (the plaintiff) must deliver (“serve”) to the defendant two documents: the “Complaint” and a “Summons” telling the defendant that he/she must respond. By law, U-M must respond to lawsuits within a specified time period after the lawsuit has been served. Therefore, please note the date, time, and precise method the summons and complaint were delivered. The lawsuit may have been served by certified mail or in-person by a process server. It is imperative that you notify the OGC as soon as you are served so the OGC can review the matter and respond in a timely manner. You will be asked to deliver the original documents plus any envelope or other papers that were served to the OGC with information regarding the date, time, and method of service.

Q: Help! I’ve been personally named as a defendant in a lawsuit. I was only doing my job. Will U-M defend me?

A: SPG 601.09 provides that it is U-M’s policy to defend and indemnify employees who become parties to legal proceedings by virtue of their good faith efforts to perform their responsibilities of employment. An employee personally named as a defendant in a lawsuit should contact the OGC immediately and consult SPG 601.09 for more information.