FAQ: Children and Teens (Minors) on Campus

U-M is committed to providing a welcoming environment that promotes the health, wellness, safety, and security of children and teens in its programs and facilities.

U-M defines a “minor” as a person who is under the age of 18 who is not enrolled nor has not been accepted for enrollment in a degree program at U-M.  However, a person under 18 years of age who is  “dually enrolled” in U-M programs while also enrolled in elementary, middle, or high school is considered a minor covered by U-M’s policies for minors.

SPG 601.34 – Policy on Minors Involved in University-Sponsored Programs or Programs Held in University Facilities establishes guidelines for the delivery of programs and services to children and teens.

Please visit U-M’s Children on Campus website for detailed information.

Generally, persons who are under the age of 18 who are enrolled or who have accepted admission to a degree program at U-M are governed by U-M policies and procedures for students.  There, however, may be occasions where special care is warranted for students under the age of 18 because of age or the unique activity. Please contact Risk Management Services with your questions or concerns.

Children and Teens in Research Laboratories

The Department of Environment, Health & Safety has established guidelines for children and teens who wish to work, volunteer, or observe activities in research laboratories.  There are federal and state rules that regulate exposure of children and teens to hazardous materials, radioactive materials, animals, and certain equipment.

Please visit U-M’s Department of Environment, Health & Safety website for the protocol for supervising children and teens in research laboratories.

Children and Teens as Employees or Volunteers

U-M provides many opportunities for children and teens to volunteer in unpaid positions or to work for compensation. SPG 201.20 – Employment of Minors outlines the requirements for work permits and working conditions for teen employees.

Children and teens who volunteer in unpaid positions must comply with the same working conditions outlined in SPG 201.20; however, a work permit is not required. Information regarding U-M’s Volunteer Guidelines is available online.

Please contact your department’s HR consultant or your campus human resources department for more information.